Individual Officer Discount Program – Discounts For Those Who Serve



Read all 4 Steps carefully before proceeding

  1. Remove all paid items from your shopping cart
  2. Complete the checkout process with the discount program in your shopping cart
  3. Wait for your “Order Complete” email
  4. Login before making your purchase

Discounts are only applied to orders submitted after your submission is manually reviewed and approved

Billing and Shipping Name and Address must match your ID*

For faster approval, please contact us after submission.

*For active duty military personel with non-matching information, please upload a picture of your ID next to an official piece of mail with current address that matches what’s on your submission (i.e. utility bill). You may also contact us prior to your submission.

PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING: Discounts will not be applied to purchases made with or before this submission. Your account name and address must match your State Issued ID. Each submission is manually reviewed by a human being. Turnaround time is typically under 48 hours. Please wait until after you are approved to make a purchase. You may only use a shipping address that matches what’s on your ID. Orders with a different shipping address will automatically be cancelled.

first responders
Individual Officer Discount Program – Discounts For Those Who Serve


Service (U.S. only) * 

Status * 


Please upload a copy of your copy of your

  • State issued driver’s license
  • First Responders Credentials (ID or DD-214)

To be approved, the name and address on your ID must match what you enter as your billing and shipping information. If your address does not match, you must contact us first or your submission will automatically be cancelled.

(max file size 50 MB)

It is illegal to photograph or copy a United States Government ID. You may provide other forms of proof, including a state issued ID with Veteran marking, DD-214 with redacted SS#, current orders, etc.

(max file size 50 MB)

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