DT-CAOS | FN Five-seveN® MK2 Compatible Red Dot Mounting System by Dorin Technologies

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From CAOS Comes Order!

Bring your existing FN Five-seveN® MK2 to the next level with DT-CAOS by Dorin Technologies. With a more aggressive look, more substantial charging serrations, and a drop in red dot mounting system that keeps the factory rear sight intact and requires no permanent modifications to your pistol, DT-CAOS is sure to help you make your mark!

Link: DT-CAOS Installation Instructions

*Pistol, slide, optic and optic mounting screws not included.

Please read below for compatibility. Professional Installation Recommended.


CAOS-01What's in the box:

  • DT-CAOS polymer slide cover
  • DT-CAOS cover plate
  • Your choice of DT-CAOS compatible mounting plates (when choosing mounting plate option)
  • Hardware (not including optic mounting screws)


Current DT-CAOS Mounting Plate Options:

  • CAOS-01 uses the Trijicon RMR® footprint. For mounting Trijicon RMR®, Trijicon SRO®, Holosun 407C®, Holosun 507C®, Holosun 508T®, and more (NOT compatible with Holosun 507k® or Trijicon RMR®cc)
  • CAOS-02 uses the Docter/Noblex footprint. For mounting Burris FastFire 2®, Burris FastFire 3®, Docter/Noblex, Vortex Viper®, Vortex Venom®, and more
  • CAOS-03 uses the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro® footprint.
  • CAOS-04 uses the Shield RMS/RMSc® footprint
  • CAOS-05 uses the Holosun 507k® footprint (a modified Shield footprint with only 2 shallow locating pins)
  • CAOS-06 uses the Trijicon RMRcc footprint® (unique to this optic, The RMRcc uses a different mount than the standard Trijicon RMR)

*Please check with your optic manufacturer to see what standard they use for mounting.


FN Five-seveN® Compatibility:

DT-CAOS is compatible with the FN Five-seveN® MK2.

DT-CAOS is not compatible with the first four FN Five-seveN® generations or the FN Five-seveN® MRD.

The easiest way to identify if your Five-seveN® is compatible is to look for charging serrations on the front of your factory slide. Please see the chart below. Only the FN Five-seveN® MK2 has charging serrations on the front of the factory slide cover. In contrast, the original FN Five-seveN®, tactical, IOM and USG all have a smooth surface on the front of the factory slide cover.



Click Here to learn more about the DT-CAOS by Dorin Technologies by visiting dorintech.com.