509® Accessories

509® Accessories

FN 509® Compatible Accessories

The FN 509® is a spectacular pistol. Tested with over 1,000,000 rounds as part of FN’s® MHS submission (Modular Handgun System), its reliability is unquestionable. However, it does fall victim to the many disadvantages of mass production. The hinged trigger makes its travel feel much longer than it actually is, and there have been anecdotal online reports of the factory striker failing. But the FN 509® doesn’t have to feel like a mass-produced gun. There is an increasingly wide variety of FN 509® accessories that give the pistol a more premium feel and in some cases, dramatically enhance your shooting experience.

Accessories For The FN 509®, 509® Midsize, and 509® Compact in both standard, MRD, and Tactical Versions

We have assembled a collection of FN 509® accessories from a variety of well-respected manufacturers for use across the FN 509® product line. Our prices are competitive, and we regularly offer promotions on select items.

FN 509® Trigger Upgrade

The FN 509® Apex Tactical Trigger replaces the factory trigger, trigger bar, and sear. By upgrading the trigger safety to a bladed design, the new trigger reduces perceived travel. The replacement sear offers a clean break and short, crisp reset. Pull weight is in the range of 5.5 pounds. Color choices include black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), and red. All colors are available with a flat-faced trigger. Alternatively, you can choose a curved face trigger in black only. Whether installing on your own or hiring a local gunsmith, we highly recommend pairing this with the Apex FN Disassembly Fixture so you don’t destroy your frame when removing the unlocking block pin. The Apex Tactical Specialties trigger for the FN 509® is compatible with all 509® models, including the FN 509® LS Edge and the FN 509® CC Edge

FN 509® Optics and Sights

Do you need an optic for your FN 509® MRD or FN 509® Tactical? We have curated optics to fit a variety of shooting requirements and budgets. Are you looking for a budget-friendly option that still offers quality and durability? The Burris FastFire III® might be what you’re after. It has built-in sensors for automatic brightness adjustment and a top-load battery for convenience without breaking the bank. Do you require the latest features and technology at an affordable price? Look no further than the Holosun 507C®. This optic’s reticle is available in red or green. Additionally, it features both a 32 MOA circle and a 2 MOA dot, and you can choose if you want to use one or the other, or both at the same time. Shake Awake, solar panels, and battery backup are all part of this incredible optic’s features. Do you need something military grade? We also carry the world-renowned Trijicon RMR® Type 2, the leader in military-grade optics. We prefer the adjustable LED model. It costs a bit more, but we feel the additional flexibility it offers is worth the investment.

FN 509® Barrel Upgrades

There comes a time when you need to thread on an accessory to the business end of your pistol. Whether it's that silencer you’ve finally been approved for or a compensator to help keep that muzzle down, you need a threaded barrel. If you don’t have the FN 509® Tactical, then your next best option is to buy a threaded barrel from FNspecialties.com. FN 509® compatible threaded barrels are manufactured by Apex Tactical Specialties for use in the FN 509®, FN 509® Midsize and FN 509® Compact. The Apex FN 509® 4” Threaded barrel is compatible with the standard and mid-size FN 509® and has a feeding ramp that Apex says improves performance. The FN 509® Compact 3.7” Threaded Barrel by Apex Tactical Specialties has a more traditional design and is for use in FN 509® Compact models.

FN 509® Striker and Extractor

Level up your FN 509® with the Durable FN 509® Striker by Apex Tactical Specialties. It’s machined from a single billet of stainless steel and then heat-treated for enhanced strength and durability. The sear catch geometry has been improved to produce a crisp trigger break while maintaining sear to striker engagement. It has also been tested and certified for dryfire on an empty chamber up to 100k strikes, a very first for this pistolApex also offers a Failure Resistant FN 509® Extractor which is machined from heat-treated stainless steel. Apex has machined their custom extractor geometry using wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) for consistent, reliable extraction every time.

FN 509® Lights and Lasers

Illuminate and pinpoint your target with lights and lasers tailor-fit for the FN 509®. The Streamlight TLR-7A Flex is a great, cost-effective option to put light downrange. The ambidextrous switch can be mounted in high or low positions, low profile design helps prevent snagging, and an automatic off helps save those batteries. The TLR-8 Flex takes the platform one step further by adding either a red (TLR-8A Flex) or green (TLR-8A G Flex) laser for pinpoint accuracy.

FN 509® Maintenance

For the regular shooter, there comes a time when you need to replace wear items. That’s where the FN 509® Slide Maintenance Kit by Apex Tactical Specialties comes into play. This kit comes with drop-in replacement springs for your slide that does not require any fitting. A striker spring, striker return spring, striker block spring, extractor spring, and extractor pivot pin are included and are rated for 10,000 rounds of use. The FN 509® Maintenance Kit can be installed on all current FN 509® models.

Upgrade Your FN 509® With FN Specialties

National Firearms Sales wants to improve every customer’s firearm experience. Our specialists curate special accessories so that you can have the rifle, pistol, or shotgun of your dreams. We believe in every product we offer and stand by our recommendations. That’s why we’ve created FNspecialties.com. With FNspecialties.com, you will find upgrades for your FN firearm that we’re sure will improve your game and enhance your shooting experience. Browse our specially curated selection of custom firearm accessories today. You’ll be glad you did.