P90/PS90 Direct Light Mount, SureFire Pro

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Directly mount any SureFire® Scout Pro series light to the FN P90/PS90 receiver. We designed this mount to be low profile, light weight, and simple. The result is a clean mounting solution that allows any SureFire® Scout Pro light to be positioned on either the left or right side of the receiver. Our mount utilizes the factory threaded holes in the receiver and is a drop in/direct fit part. Machined from billet 6061T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625. Mounting hardware has been standardized to use a 3mm hex driver (all FN and HBI screws on P90/PS90 are 3mm drive, single tool), and a 3mm driver key is included.

Our mount is compatible with all SureFire® Pro lights including: Scout, Scout Mini, Scout Micro, M140A, M340C, M340V, M640DF, M640U, and M640V.

NOTE: This HBI light mount is designed to be installed using full-size FN spec M5 hardware, and therefore may not be compatible with non-HBI aftermarket optic mounts due to their mounting configuration (undersized hardware). We recommend using either factory FN or HBI optic mounts to ensure best fit and functionality of this product.

  • Direct Mount Bracket for all SureFire® Scout Pro Lights
  • Low Profile and Compact
  • Drop In Replacement
  • Weight is 0.84oz
  • Machined Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Anodized MIL-A-8625 Type 3 Hard Coat
  • Includes Mounting Hardware

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.