SCAR® 17 and Cypher X Parts Kit


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This kit includes most of the necessary hardware to complete your FN SCAR® 17 or the Imperial Arms Co Cypher X Standard build. It can also be used as a parts kit for those building a Cypher Zero.

What’s included with the Standard Builder’s Parts Kit for the FN SCAR®, Cypher X, and Cypher Zero?

The following parts have a retail value of over $2,000 when purchased separately!

FN Parts, disassembled from a brand new, unfired* factory SCAR®. Some thread locker may still be present on some surfaces:

  • Front Picatinny Rail, FN part # F142390020 (x2)
  • Front Square Nut, FN part # F142240010 (x2)
  • Side Rail Support Block/Bridge, FN part # F142130010
  • Barrel Screw Support, FN part # F142210020 (x2)
  • Barrel Screw Support Nut, FN part # F142200010 (x2)
  • Barrel Extension Screw, FN part # F142310020 (x6)
  • Barrel Screw Support Spring, FN part # F142220010 (x6)
  • Brass Deflector, FN part # F182300020
  • Deflector Lock Support, FN part # F142330010
  • Receiver Back Plate, FN part # F142150020
  • Receiver Cam Rail, FN part # F182120010
  • Rear Sight, FN part # 3147600020
  • Recoil Spring Assembly, FN part # F184400010

The following parts are included, but not manufactured by FN:

  • Receiver Screw Set, upgraded to Torx for stress fee gunsmithing.
  • Blue Loctite 243
  • Red Loctite 263

The following parts are NOT included in this kit, and must be purchased separately

  • Receiver Front Plate & mounting screws
  • Bolt Carrier
  • Bolt Carrier Sled (when configuring for NRCH)
  • Charging Handles
  • Receiver
  • Trigger Module
  • Stock
  • Barrel Assembly
  • Bolt Assembly
  • Firing Pin
  • Cam Pin
  • Firing Pin Retaining Pin

*Except for any factory test firing.