Cypher X ZERO - SCAR 17S Receiver Blank

Imperial Arms

Receiver Blanks
Cypher Zero
7.62 x 51mm

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Introducing the CYPHER X ZERO receiver blank by Imperial Arms Co.

NOTE: For those who need finished, serialized receivers, please follow the respective links as follows:

"Zero Percent Blank" ATF approved in April 2021, non-firearm design, for repairing an existing receiver , display, or any other lawful purpose.

If you own a 17s or CYPHERX, this is a backup that you should have at least one of in your parts bin.

An FFL is not required for shipment

-Machined from 6000 series extrusion
-Patent Pending Design
-17S Dimensions
-Unfinished, tumbled, deburred, and in the white, to allow for custom finishing

Features that do not make it a firearm-
1 - Does not have the bolt carrier guide rail channel finished
2 - Barrel Clearance Cavity unfinished
3 - Barrel Index Notches unfinished
4 - Barrel Mounting Screw holes undrilled

Please make sure this item is legal in your locality.