Install DT-CAOS on Five seveN MK2

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Have a professional install your Dorin Technologies DT-CAOS Five seveN red dot mounting system. This service is provided complimentary. Just pay for shipping.

PLEASE READ: If you choose installation on the same order as the DT-CAOS mounting system, we will NOT ship the mounting system separately. We will wait to receive your slide, and will then ship your slide with DT-CAOS installed.   

*Must purchase DT-CAOS from separately.

Always ensure your firearm is pointed in a safe direction and then make sure it's unloaded before working on your firearm.

Instructions for shipping us your slide:

  • Remove the slide from the frame, then the barrel from the slide.
  • Wrap your slide in bubble wrap or packaging paper and a proper shipping box to make sure it is secure and protected during shipping.
  • print the invoice from your confirmation email and include with your shipment. Please also include the order number from the original DT-CAOS purchase.
  • Ship your items signature required using FedEx, USPS or UPS. We highly recommend purchasing insurance to cover lost or stolen items.


  • DO NOT ship the frame or the barrel. *This is especially important when using the United States Post Office, handgun shipping with the USPS is not permitted.
  • DO NOT ship a slide that has been damaged or has damaged or missing parts
  • DO NOT ship any accessories not purchased from (including DT-CAOS purchased elsewhere)

Shipping address:

National Firearm Sales Inc |
936 Clint Moore Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33487

*Slide will be returned with the DT-CAOS cover plate installed. Optic installation is available separately when purchasing the optic from us.