SS197SR - 5.7x28mm Blue Tip Ammo - 50 Rounds


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Elevate your shooting with the precision-engineered SS197SR Blue Tip Ammo. Specially designed for FN's legendary firearms, the Five-seveN® handgun and PS90® carbine rifle, this ammunition offers unmatched performance and reliability for both range enthusiasts and self-defense applications.

Detailed Features for Superior Performance:

  • Fast Sight Picture and Enhanced Stopping Power: The hollow-point design with a signature blue tip offers rapid target acquisition and impressive stopping power, essential for self-defense and tactical situations.

  • Safe Impact with Controlled Penetration: This ammo reduces the risk of over-penetration, particularly in urban environments, ensuring safety without compromising efficacy.

  • Unwavering Reliability: FN's commitment to quality means each round is consistent, reliable, and maintains performance, regardless of the conditions.

  • Broad Compatibility and Use: While optimized for the Five-seveN and PS90, this versatile ammo also performs excellently in other firearms chambered for the 5.7x28mm, making it a smart addition to any collection.

Extended Analysis on Compliance and Compatibility: Prior to use, confirm that your firearm is compatible with the SS197SR Blue Tip Ammo. Adherence to regulations is paramount for a safe and lawful shooting experience.

In-Depth Conclusion: The SS197SR Blue Tip Ammo is not just ammunition; it's a commitment to power, precision, and protection. Suited for diverse shooting disciplines, it provides peace of mind with its superior design and dependable execution.