PS90 Front Handguard with Magpul Rails

Haga Defense

$249.00 - $259.00
Accessory Rails

Adds a unique, stylish and functional look to your PS90. Narrow and Wide versions available.

Includes 3 x MAGPUL MLOK Rails and stress free hardware pre-installed. Compatible with the FN P90/PS90 receiver only

Please allow 5 business days for this product to ship. This item is not compatible with the Imperial Arms Effen90/XF50 receivers. 

Improve the aesthetics of the PS90 while adding functionality. Grab the firearm farther forward for more steady, long distance shots. The included Magpul MLOK rails allow you to add lasers, lights and other accessories onto the front end of the firearm.

2 versions are available.

  • PS90 Front Handguard V1 w/ Magpul MLOK rails – Slimmer design preferred by those with a factory 16" barrel.
  • PS90 Front Handguard V2 w/ Magpul MLOK rails – A wider design that can accommodate a suppressor when the firearm has been converted to an SBR.

These PS90 forward handguards are manufactured using the latest polymer 3D printing technology and come in a course, black finish. 3 x Magpul MLOK rails (1 x 11 slot and 2 x 9 slot) and additional stress free Hardware are pre-installed.