PS90 Extended Charging Handle Assembly

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Improve the fit and finish of your PS90. The Imperial Arms Cocking Handle Assembly for the P90/PS90 is superior in construction (as compared to factory assembly) and gives your rifle a premium feel. It also does away with the need to add separate extended charging handles. Plus, it’s removable without dissasembling the barrel and muzzle devide from the receiver, making your rifle much more serviceable.

*To remove the factory cocking handle assembly, the barrel must be removed. This requires gunsmithing on a factory assembled PS90.

With the cocking handle body being one of the hardest spare parts to find for the P90/PS90 platform, it is now readily available in an enhanced, tool-less installation system, with charging knobs inspired by the SCAR and FAL family of weapons.


100% manufactured in the USA by Imperial Arms.

Cocking handle body- QPQ Melonite steel construction

Charging knobs- Aircraft Grade Billet 6061 aluminum with a black anodized finish. The round profile charging knobs provide a very positive grip from almost any angle

Included are 2 extended charging knobs and 1 cocking handle body (all pictured). This item is not compatible with the plastic factory charging knobs.