EFK 5.5" Threaded Barrel for all FN Five-seveN® Models

EFK Firedragon

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The EFK 5.5" Fire Dragon Threaded Barrel is compatible with all FN Five-seveN® models, including the IOM, USG, MK2 and the new MK3/MRD.

Buy the best 416 Stainless Steel threaded barrel for the FN Five-seveN®.

10mm x 1 threads allow direct threading of suppressors for the FN Five-seveN® like the GSL 57-22. A thread adapter is also included for use with 5.7x28mm rated suppressors that have 1/2″ x 28 threads.

The Five-seveN® Threaded Barrel for the USG, MK2 and MK3/MRD by EFK Fire Dragon is the best, custom stainless steel threaded barrel for the FN Five-seveN®.

This barrel has 10mm x 1 threads for super easy installation and proper fitting on your factory Five-seveN® USG, MK2 and MRD/MK3. This is a true drop-in barrel that requires no fitting and no modifications to your pistol. Simply remove the factory barrel and install this one in its place. It also comes with a 1/2" x 28 thread adapter, making it compatible with a wide variety of silencers and accessories. (Always check with your silencer manufacturer to make sure your accessory is rated for 5.7x28mm pressures before use)

EFK Fire Dragon barrels are manufactured from the highest quality 416 Stainless Steel for a lifetime of service and durability. Machining processes are accomplished on CNC equipment for the highest close tolerance production. Heat treating is done in a vacuum furnace for clean, consistent hardness of 40-43 Rc.

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