PS90 Trigger Pack Upgrade by Man Kave Specialties

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Upgrade your PS90 trigger pack with ManKave’s aluminum Gen 1 hammer and sear.

The Man Kave PS90 Gen 1 Hammer Short Pull is compatible with any Gen trigger pack and its easy install makes it a must have upgrade for your PS90. The PS90 Gen 1 Billet Hammer is first machined from solid billet 7075-T6 Aluminum, then mil 8625 hard coat anodized, and finally Teflon coated to make it as smooth as possible to assist in the smooth function of the trigger assembly.

The hammer is modeled from the Gen 1 hammer and maintains the original Gen 1 sear position. The PS90 Gen 1 Billet allows you to install a higher quality, original design Gen 1 Hammer into your existing trigger pack to replace the cheap plastic hammer with a billet Aluminum PS90 Gen 1 Hammer.

The Benefits of swapping out the original plastic hammer from your trigger pack are three-fold:

  • The PS90 Gen 1 Hammer reduces trigger pull length by over 35%
  • The PS90 Gen 1 Hammer reduces felt trigger weight by over 15%
  • The PS90 Gen 1 Hammer weighs slightly more than its plastic counterpart, allowing each strike of the hammer to impact the firing pin harder, causing harder primer strikes.

The Man Kave PS90 aluminum sear is compatible with any Gen trigger pack and is easy to install. Machined from solid billet 7075-T6 Aluminum and is the perfect compliment to the PS90 Gen 1 Aluminum Hammer upgrade.

The sear is modeled from the FS2000 and works with both the PS90 and the FS2000.

Installation takes about 10 minutes and requires only simple tools such as a punch or thin bar to push out the trigger pack pin and needle nose pliers to install the spring.

NOTE: This sear looks different than the factory sear in later generation models.