PS90 QD Sling Mount

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QD Points
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Add a QD sling mounting point to your PS90 with no permanent modifications to your firearm. Easy installation.

New Design! Now made of steel for increased durability.

Low cost and easy to install Quick Release Sling Mount for your FN Herstal PS90/P90 PDW.

Taking the existing Frame Hardware counter bored Holes, mount our new PS90/P90 QD cup in almost any of the frame hardware points on either side of the PS90/P90.

Now made of steel, this sling mount is an ultra durable, low cost and simple way to improve the operating functions for your PS90/P90 rifle.

Product Features:

  • 1 x Steel PS90/P90 QD mount
  • 1 x stock assembly bolt (slightly longer to engage more threads than the factory stock assembly bolt)
  • Installation is done in minutes with no permanent modifications to your PS90/P90

*3mm allen wrench and short screw not included