Fix It Stick Tool Kit – FN SCAR

Kinetic Development Group

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We partnered with FIX IT STICKS to make a one-stop shop tool kit for maintaining the FN SCAR. This is a highly modular, multitool system features a variety of specialty tools for maintaining and servicing your SCAR! The kit comes with standard 1/4” bits and two torque limiters for precise adjustments. The trademark FIX IT T-Handle provides several modes of use, to gain leverage and reach hard to access fasteners. Combining shop level function with the lightweight and portability of a field kit, never find yourself needing the right tool for your SCAR. The entire kit comes organized in a black zippered ballistic nylon case, with room to add additional tools, lube, thread locker, or whatever else the mission calls for.


  • H 1/16
  • H 5/64
  • H 3/32
  • H 7/64
  • H 1/8
  • H 9/64
  • H 5/32
  • H 1/4
  • H 2.5
  • T10
  • T15
  • T20
  • T25
  • T27
  • Flathead (wide)
  • Flathead (narrow)
  • 16.5 in/lb Mini Torque Limiter
  • 62 in/lb Mini Torque Limiter
  • KDG Patch