PS90 Low Profile Trijicon MRO Mount

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Mount your Trijicon MRO to your PS90 as low as possible with a Low Profile Red Dot Mount from

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The PS90 Low Profile Red Dot Mount is CNC machined and the best for CQB work, using both eyes open, as well as keeping the P90 / PS90 as light and discreet as possible. The PS90 Low Profile Red DotMount is rugged (made from 6061-T6 aluminum) and tight fitting, replacing the Picatinny rail on the top, allowing the MRO to sit lower to the axis of the bore which increases accuracy at various distances. The PS90 Mount fits so well, it can be removed, then remounted and still hold zero. Every shot is right on target.

This PS90 Low Profile Red Dot Mount is the only mount that we recommend for mounting a Trijicon MRO to your PS90. It is easy to install, comes with all the hardware and will make your PS90 function as the original design was made to, with the optic as low as possible. If you are currently using an optic that is mounted on top of the Picatinny rail, you definitely want to change your configuration to the PS90 Low Profile Red Dot Mount to allow the optic to sit as low as possible to the bore to correct any variation in vertical shot position at a distance.