FN 509 Durable Striker by Apex Tactical Specialties

Apex Tactical Specialties

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Products Included: (1 piece in the package)

  • Apex Durable Striker– for All FN 509 and FN 503 pistols
  • Durable Striker Buffer
  • Buffer Removal Tool

What It Does:
The Apex Durable Striker for the FN 509 Series pistols is a direct drop-in replacement for the factory striker.
This striker has been tested and certified for dryfire on an empty chamber up to 100k strikes. You read that
right - certified for 125,000 dry strikes. This Striker is the culmination of over 3 years of continued R&D and
testing. Through the R&D process, we’ve cataloged more than 1 million dry fires to prove out the design.
The sear catch geometry has been improved to produce a crisp trigger break while maintaining sear to
striker engagement.

These strikers are machined from heat treated tool steel and finished in Nickel Teflon for ultimate lubricity
and wear resistance.

The Apex Durable Striker includes a proprietary buffer (to be installed into the slide) which dampens the
shockwave created by dryfiring. A 6mm x 60mm Socket Head Cap screw is included for use as a removal
tool for cleaning and maintenance needs.

Installation requires the following factory striker components: striker spring stop, striker spring stop pin,
striker return spring and striker spring guide. (These are factory components which can be removed from
your factory striker and used with ours).

Expected Results:

  • Direct drop-in replacement for the factory striker
  • Extremely long service life (Rated for over 125,000 dry fires)
  • Crisp trigger break

When installed in conjunction with an Apex AEK Trigger Kit, the trigger pull weight averages 5.5lbs.
When installed with the FN factory trigger system, the trigger pull weight averages 6.5lbs.

Applicable to What Gun(s):

  • Works on all currently available FN 509 models including the Compact, Midsize and Tactical
  • Works in all FNS, FNS Longslide and FNS-Compact pistols

Applicable to What Guns:

  • Works in ALL variants of the FN 509, FN 503, FNS-C and FNS pistols.
  • All variants means… All variants.

Does NOT work in:

  • Large Frame FN striker fired pistols: FN 545 or FN 510 (we’re working on it).

Mixing and matching different companies' springs/parts is a bad idea. We recommend using only the factory
springs or Apex Slide Maintenance Kit with this striker. The use of another manufacturer’s spring kit is likely
to cause malfunctions and we are unable to offer technical support if the end user is combining our parts
with those of other companies.

Parts in the Package:
These parts are finished with Nickel Teflon (NiTef), in the processing of this finish, occasionally excess
Teflon will remain on the surface of the parts. This CAN look like little white spots of mold. This is not Mold; it
is excess Teflon from the coating process that will not hurt anything to be in there. There is no need to clean
it out of your striker, but you’re welcome to if you prefer to do so.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
Once installed, the Durable Buffer should not need to be removed from your slide. The Buffer is made from
chemical resistant polymer and can withstand most harsh cleaning chemicals. Cleaning may be done with a
Cotton Swab and cleaning solvent. If you use compressed air to blow debris out of your slide, it is
recommended that you do so cautiously as the buffer may fly out. If you choose to reinstall your factory
striker, you will need to remove the Apex Durable buffer entirely.

INSTALLED IN THE HOST SLIDE. Replacement buffers may be purchased from our Customer Service

Apex Owner’s Note:

We’ve chosen to discontinue the manufacture and sale of the original HD Striker, in favor of this new Durable
Striker. Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with the Original Apex HD Striker for the FN 509 Series pistols.
The HD striker did everything we intended it to do, among the thousands of them we’ve sold, we only had a
small quantity of breakages that can be counted on less than the 10 fingers I’m using to type out this message.

The question you’re likely asking yourself right now is “Why make a new striker if the HD did all the things, you
wanted it to do?”

Short Answer: Because we can.

Long Answer: In the spirit of constant improvement, I wanted to add empty chamber dry fire to the list of
attributes while maintaining the reliability we’re known for.

For those who have such interests, you may be asking why we didn’t use a more exotic material like Titanium.
that’s an easy one - TI for a striker is not a good long-term plan. TI is great in many ways, but it’s not for high
impact items. TI gets its strength from its flexibility, when used as an impactor, it will work for a while, but
ultimately degrades the firing pin tip.

This is not merely conjecture - we tested a TI striker that’s on the market and found it lasted less than 20k cycles
in our dry fire machine, which is 30% less life than our original HD striker was tested to.

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