R57.SD – 5.7x28mm – Subsonic 57 Grain Expanding Copper – 50 Rounds


This round is designed for the Five seveN and PS90 SBR to expand upon impact. Five-seveN penetration depth of 10-14in in ballistic gel.

NOTE: This round may go supersonic when fired from a 16″ PS90 barrel.

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R-SERIES: 5.7x28mm DUTY/CARRY [R57.SD]

  • 57gr Expanding Copper HP
  • CNC Machined Pure Monolithic Copper 99.5%

Projectile Behavior:

  • Expanding copper subsonic HP. Expands 3X original diameter. Penetration depth of 10-14 in in ballistic gel.
  • This round may go supersonic when fired from a 16″ PS90 barrel.

Use only in firearms that are in good condition with caliber markings that exactly match this ammunition. Store all ammunition in a secure, cool, dry area separate from firearms. Keep ammunition and firearms out of reach of children and unauthorized/prohibited persons. Read, understand and follow the instructions found in your firearm owner’s manual. Always follow established firearms safety practices and protocols including the use of eye and hearing protection while shooting. Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and other serious health risks. Have adequate ventilation whenever discharging firearms. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure to firearms or ammunition. Because reloading practices are beyond our control, R&R weapon systems disclaims all liability for any damage, injury, or death that may result.